Confederation Mission

The main mission of the confederation commissions are : 


To encourage the establishment of National Federations and their membership in ITSF To encourage the organization of courses and advanced training sessions in both technical subjects and refereeing. (How to organize an official tournament and use FAST software, how to become a referee…) To control and manage their respective continental ranking To control and manage the continental team selection process for Intercontinental Cup competition. To promote, establish and coordinate development and educational programs


To support federations who want to start a league by giving guidelines and all necessary help. To help players who want to start a league.To establish the rules of their respective continental competitions (European Champions League, Asian Champions League…) To support national league championships and give a better place to the clubs in table soccer environment.


To promote the expansion and popularity of table soccer activities (Official tournament, leagues, federation, clubs, players, grass root foosball and training places, etc…) via their continental website and social medias To coordinate the activity of the National Federations in collaboration with ITSF, to promote their mutual cooperation and understanding of international and continental rules.

For any questions, please contact your respective confederation by clicking HERE